Sophisticated visibility of market data.

Anticipate and determine market movements like never before.

SEA Live

Meaningful data, in one place.

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To get closer to the market, shipping professionals and traders need to:
  • Tap into a variety of data points to anticipate movements
  • Understand macro and micro views
  • Use past data and current live data to decipher the market
  • Access reliable insight, in one place.

Tap into a variety of data points to anticipate movements.

  • In depth Freight Analytics and Commodity-based Trade Flows, including export and import volumes.
  • Identify shifts in market trends via Port Callings.
  • Assess Waiting Times for any fleet within an anchorage, port or berth, or via the Congestion Model.
  • Easily compare Vessel Speeds across a range of specific criteria.
  • Gauge Vessel Supply and view Fleet Utilization the way you need.

The right data at the right level.

  • The full spectrum – Review data for the whole market, your voyages, vessel line up, vessel types or cargoes types.
  • Macro & micro – Base reporting across weekly, monthly or year on year date ranges (up to 5 years of data), and across producers and product grades.
  • Segment trade flow data by location (country, port or shipping routes).
  • Decipher patterns in trade relating directly to your objectives.
  • Stay close to the day to day – Real time, on the water cargo updates.

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SEA Live
SEA Live

Accessible, reliable insights.

  • Low latency – up to the minute data using 2 x AIS providers, for real time snapshots of freight markets.
  • Detail driven – granular level port mappings and fleet updates to provide more relevant insight.
  • Bespoke to you – Customize your dashboards and reports to provide the information that matters that you.
  • Everything in one place – All data in one place for more efficient visibility.
  • Sophisticated understanding – drive decisions and confidence across your freight and commodity trading strategies.