The shipping industry’s most comprehensive voyage estimation tool.

Lightning fast calculations.

Work faster. Work smarter.

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  • Get real time cost data fed into worksheets automatically.
  • Pulls together bunker prices, vessel and port data.
  • Refine additional expenses, FIFO, Bob and cargo rates.
  • Drill down into the detail to provide superior client recommendations.

Close deals quicker.

  • Make side by side comparisons across unlimited worksheets.
  • Refine parameters to update all scenarios
    in a split second.
  • Access calculations on the go.
  • Respond with lightening speed.
SEA Live
SEA Live

Better informed and smoother negotiations.

  • As part of Sea/calc, Voyage Estimation exists in one seamless environment and one integrated workflow.
  • No more switching between apps or migrating data between them.
  • Frees you up to concentrate on more strategic thinking.