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When producing contractual shipping documentation, it’s crucial to:
  • Stay focused
  • Be efficient
  • Remain compliant

Focus your work.

  • View only what’s relevant – Track charter party changes with ease.
  • Message board – See a summary of notifications.
  • Addenda feature – All attachments and amendments to a charter party in one place.
  • Email notifications – Stay on top of changes with live notifications.
  • Online – Web app, available anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Save time & costs.

  • Digitised process – Send and receive documents online instantly.
  • Avoid expensive courier costs.
  • Access a charter party library – Choose from an existing template to speed up creation.
  • Easy to use – Intuitive and simple to access.
  • Electronic signatures
SEA Live

Stay compliant.

  • Cautionary clauses – Flagged for your attention.
  • Time stamps – Trace back changes and approvals.
  • Visibility – Track charter party changes.
  • Single repository – Mitigate risks.
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