Instant visibility of futures pricing, in one place.

A web & mobile app for the dry market

Stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Confident decision making
  • Understand & manage risk
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Currently for the dry market. Tankers and Iron Ore coming soon.

Confident decision making.

  • View a summarised, aggregated view of rates across all or individual shipping routes in the whiteboard.
  • Understand your current bids and offers in the context of future curves.
  • Trade confidently with awareness of rates across the wider market.
  • Set your own periods, or view rates from Baltic Exchange.
SEA Live

Manage risk.

  • Futures pricing submitted from multiple brokers in real time.
  • Curves submitted through Sea/chat are automatically parsed into Sea/futures.
  • View a live summary through the Whiteboard, and the detail from individual sources.
  • Filter pricing by time received to understand historic changes and latest updates.

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Accessible anywhere.

  • A web & mobile app – Access it from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Stay up to date on futures pricing, without being limited to trading hours.
  • Connected to Sea/chat for dynamic, real time updates.
SEA Live