Bid, negotiate and manage the fixture process for the offshore market.

Compliant e-procurement in one place.

SEA Live

Digital procurement for the offshore market

  • Purpose built
  • Streamlined
  • Transparent
  • Integrated

A tool for the Offshore market

Handles complex requirements

  • Exhaustive list of tech specs – To accommodate complex requirements.
  • Digitalisation – For a fully digital tendering process.
  • Tech specs retention – For ease of use with Vessel Owners.
  • Create requirement templates – To save time.

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A tool you can rely on.

Transparent & compliant.

  • Sealed bids – To make negotiation fair, based on facts.
  • One repository – To keep track of all documentation involved in a tendering process.
  • Negotiate (Beta) – In app to ensure security throughout your tender process.
  • Downloadable documentation – For audit trails.

A tool for efficiency.

Evaluate vessels instantly.

  • Create evaluation frameworks – Evaluate vessels technically, commercially & environmentally.
  • Focus on the right vessels – Shortlist and disqualify vessels easily.
  • Transparent –– Fully auditable

All information in one place.

Managing bids is more streamlined.

  • Direct access to fleet data – To allow for tracking & maintaining vessel data.
  • A dashboard view – For visibility on your tenders.
  • Live notifications – For a quick reaction time.
  • Electronic signatures – To save time.
  • Contained – Allows for legally binding document creation.

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SEA Live