Predict, capture, calculate, monitor and report on your voyage COfootprint in one place.

Your end-to-end carbon decision making and reporting solution.

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Bringing CO2 reporting to the top of the agenda.

  • CO2 Reporting
    The need for the industry to report on and improve carbon emissions is growing.
  • Regulation
    New goals set out by the IMO and EU aim to reduce carbon emissions created by the shipping industry.
  • Voluntary initiatives
    A number of new voluntary initiatives have emerged to demonstrate organisations’ commitments to the green transition.

The complete digital toolkit for all stages of the voyage.


Estimate CO2 output

at pre-fixture with Sea/calc:

  • Predict CO2 by vessel
  • Model the impact of design, specification, ballast distance and speed.
  • Easily assess options across vessels of opportunity in order to make an informed decision.
  • Sea/calc worksheets enable you to quickly and effortlessly compare vessels and variables.
  • Make cleaner decisions using reliable and accurate data.

Embed the clause

With Sea/contracts users can:

  • Embed the relevant carbon clause into your Charter Party.
  • This makes the supply of required data from the vessel owner part of the terms of the fixture agreement.


  • Extract the list of voyages from your existing system to automate data collection in the next stage.

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Seamlessly capture data

  • Electronic web forms are triggered to vessel owners to capture data on voyage completion.
  • Reminders are automatically sent to the vessel owner.
  • Avoid time consuming tasks such as chasing non-responsive owners or incomplete data.
  • Forms are simple, and easy to complete with a standardised format.

Auto-calculate CO2

  • Supplied data is fed into data validation and calculator.
  • Data is validated against tolerance levels set.
  • Automatically flags potential reporting errors or outliers.
  • Confidence that calculations are accurate and reliable

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Monitor and report

With Sea/analytics you can:

  • Complete overview of CO2 from your shipping activities.
  • Report on key metrics such as total CO2, actual vs. permitted CO2, output, EEOI and more.
  • All data in one place for stronger visualisation and decision making.
  • Ability to export data and reports into 3rd party reporting requirements.

The tools you need to make cleaner shipping decisions

Find out how SeaCarbon/ can help you monitor, measure and calculate maritime carbon consumption.

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SEA Live

Where has the need to decarbonise shipping come from?

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