The Agency Toolkit has arrived

1 September 2021

Upgrade your port agency services with next level digital tools.

The Agency Toolkit has arrived

At Maritech, we believe that the power of digital technology can transform the way we work and produce further efficiencies and of course, opportunities. Which is why when Laura Frunkze, Sea/ Customer Success Manager, approached us with a solution for the ever busy and vital Port Agency Services market, we couldn’t say no!

Port Agency Services are generally the first people to board a vessel when it arrives in port and the last people to disembark before it leaves. Broadly speaking, their role is to tally up the cargo, weights, loading, finalise numbers and cost, customs paperwork and generally ensure that all is in order with the vessel and cargo prior to departure.  With many moving parts, Laura connected the dots with the Sea/ platform and set up to provide a package that would provide Port Agency Services with an offering that not only delivers greater insight into their operations but with the possibility to streamline their processes and provide tools from which they can monitor and learn. The Agency Toolkit was created with this exact objective in mind, this Sea/ bundle provides port agents with stronger insight and better control to their port operations, all in one place.

So, what is The Agency Toolkit?

The Agency Toolkit is made up of four key modules: Sea/net, Sea/calc distance, Sea/chat and Sea/analytics.

Sea/net allows port agents to understand and anticipate port delays, view vessel data, analyse real time estimated time of arrivals and view weather changes. This real-time information is extremely valuable. Abdallah Nugod, Head of Operations for CSA Marine  says, “Sea/net is one of the best programmes available, helping me in almost all parts of my work.”

Sea/chat enables port agency services to send instant messages, large documents and files to their counterparties, and allows the use of Sea/bots to receive instant area and vessel information.

Sea/calc distance enables the calculation of voyage distances with lightning-fast estimations.

Sea/analytics gives port agents the ability to anticipate and analyse waiting times and port schedules.

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