The tools you need to make cleaner shipping decisions

14 May 2021

The digital tool to help monitor, measure and calculate maritime carbon consumption has arrived.

The tools you need to make cleaner shipping decisions. Introducing SeaCarbon/

We are delighted to unveil our latest offering; a complete end-to-end digital toolkit that will enable charterers, vessel owners, analysts and brokers to understand, capture, monitor and report on carbon output across shipping activity. We call it SeaCarbon/.

Around the globe, companies are increasingly aware of the need tackle climate change, and the shipping industry is no different. Beyond meeting regulation and the targets issued by the IMO and the EU, shipping businesses are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint. The Green Transition will be one of the biggest factors influencing our industry for years to come. But improving carbon footprints will not be the job of one person, or one team in isolation. To achieve the targets and see tangible results, businesses everywhere will be on a transformational journey as greener shipping becomes the ‘modus operandi’ for everyone.

Christoffer Svard, Heads of Sales says “We wanted to deliver a solution for our clients that would fit into their day-to-day business;  not an extra layer of work for the already busy shipping professional, nor an ad hoc box-ticking exercise, but a truly embedded workflow that works within existing processes. Critically we wanted to achieve this without the need for companies to increase their headcount or make radical changes to their operational set-up. In doing so it means the target of reducing carbon footprint can start to happen much more quickly and efficiently.”

An end-to-end carbon solution

Whether it is pre-fixture decision-making tools that enable you to assess and compare voyage options, or post-fixture reporting and monitoring, SeaCarbon/ will give you the data and insight you need to make cleaner decisions:

  1. More informed decisions can be made pre-fixture based on estimated CO2 outputs for each vessel under consideration for a specified voyage.
  2. Clauses can be embedded into Charter Party agreements to enforce the provision of carbon consumption data.
  3. Automated transmission of forms to owners upon completion of voyage.
  4. Automatic validation of the collected data for accuracy.
  5. Visualisation of data within reporting tools to understand your performance over time, across specific voyages, and overlaid against benchmark targets.

The reporting and monitoring conducted in step five can inform future decisions that you make at step one, to ensure progressive improvements can be made. Knowing that you are on track to meet your carbon targets or that further steps need to be taken to reduce the footprint of a specific route can then influence your decision-making on future fixtures.

SeaCarbon/ works as a solution for all markets and all participants in the freight transaction; from chartering managers, operation teams, analysts, senior strategic leads and brokers who can help to shortlist, guide and advise. It is a collection of digital tools that work together and can be embedded into day-to-day workflows. The automations, visualisations, speed and reliability of the data within the SeaCarbon/ solution means we can all look forward to seeing the progress that our industry can make towards a cleaner future. Now that is smarter shipping!

Find out more about the SeaCarbon solution here, or get in touch with our team for a more detailed discussion and to arrange a demonstration by completing the form below.